Preteen Zombie Lesson (Jesus heals physically, emotionally and spiritually)

Preteen Zombie Lesson (Jesus heals physically, emotionally and spiritually)

Oct 14, 2011

Fuel is our 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade ministry. A lot of the kids who attend are unchurched and newly saved; so we have been doing a lot of sermons on prayer and on the life of Jesus. We have also been trying to make these services very engaging. Our Fuel Director came up with a very cool way to teach about Jesus healing the leper in Luke 5:12-15. While she was preaching we pulled two kids out of the audience and dressed them up as a leper which ended up looking like zombies.  Needless to say, this sermon was a home run and so I wanted to share it with you.  Below is the sermon, pictures of the object lesson, and the how-to video of basic zombie makeup.  I thank God for my great volunteers who provide so many creative ideas.


Sermon: Jesus heals physically, emotionally and spiritually.

-How many of you have a favorite story/book with a raising of your hands?
Well, tonight I think it is extremely important to learn about the person who, most of you just gave your life to…we sing about him, we talk about him, we pray to him…but who is Jesus. WHAT MAKES HIM SO IMPORTANT
a brief history we know that Jesus is Immanuel, he is the son of God that came to earth…but what about his time on earth? Some of us may have heard some Sunday school stories about what he did, others might not I’m going to share with you…my favorite story of my Jesus.

But before I read from the word of God, the Bible, I want to give you a brief education on the man I’m about to tell you about. Tonight we’re going to be talking about a leper. A leper is someone who suffered from a disease called Leprosy, to give you a better graphic image of what leprosy is…I figured as a visual culture we all live in…It’d be better to show you. Leprosy covers the body in forms of lesions and or/open sores. It is a very stinky disease do the wounds. at times the mucus membranes in the eye socket would become so broken down from the disease that eyes would either go blind..or worse…fall out. the nerve endings in the body would become damaged and feeling in the fingers and toes would end…they wouldn’t be able to feel anything, they wouldn’t feel if they burned themselves…they couldn’t feel pain…well let me rephrase that…they couldn’t feel physical pain. EMOTIONAL PAIN…they could feel. In biblical times I’d like to read to you what the bible says about leprosy.. in Leviticus 13:45-46<READ>If pictures were not good enough for you…I’m going to ask my helper (kids from audience) to come up here to give you more of a visual image(…put lesions on..put wig on….rip his shirt…and put face mask from surgery on..tell him that he has to go due to his uncleanness…) you can exit stage now but you must let everyone in the crowd know that you are unclean. I know that this is all fun and jokes…but in all seriousness…people in that era thought that you received leprosy from sinning. Last week if you were here we learned about sin…our baggage…lying, stealing, rage…which were all sin. They thought that if you had leprosy it was a curse from God. So they were told to go into the wilderness…Do you know what this means?
WELL in Biblical times…there was no one to beg for money outside of the villages. So this means what….that the lepers had to go into the towns to ask for their survival. Food, water, money. Sometimes their family would leave these items of survival in a place where at a later time the leper could come and pick up the items…but other than that…they were alone, beggars, they smelled because some of them did not shower for YEARS. could you imagine even going a month without seeing a bath or a shower? I can’t. They were outcasts.
So lets fast forward to Luke 5:12-15…let us read it…
read verse 12..STOP…
Do you know what this means? ok well if you don’t let me again give you a visual…a man comes into a town….NOT ALLOWED!!! some men would keep rocks in their pockets so that when the lepors came around them they could throw the rocks at them to keep them away…because they thought that if even their SHADOW cast on them…they’d catch leprosy…so Unclean leper is announcing he’s coming into the village..”UNCLEAN…UNCLEAN” and he sees who…..Jesus….pause :o) This leper who is no doubt assumingly already having a hard time walking due to the soreness, the hassle, rude bystanders…he falls to his knees….this is painful…with sores covering his body he HUMBLES himself to ground level before Jesus and begs him….he pleads with Jesus…now if you’ve ever pleaded for a video game…or to go somewhere with friends…then you might know what this means..but this mans life depended on a healing action to take place from Jesus….he is CRYING OUT IN DESPERATION….it goes on to say he is begging him by saying “LORD”…he is calling him son of God which many of the religious leaders were not certain that Jesus was the son of God..but this leper knew…IF YOU ARE WILLING….YOU CAN MAKE ME CLEAN”…he’s not asking if the Lord is capable of healing him, he’s ASKING if he’s willing…not able. This leper with no friends, life, job, significance has one thing right….he knows Jesus can make him clean. He knows who can make him clean?
WHAT’D IT SAY? he touched him. Jesus….touched…the…leper. I understand that touching someone in our day and age might not be a big deal…but in their custom…you don’t even look at a leper, and you definitely don’t let their shadow fall on you…and most certainly… don’t touch them. How long do you think it had been since this leper had been touched? months? years? decades? This man had this disease for a long time….this man just needed a touch.
But I want you to walk this out with me in order for Jesus to touch him….he has to get on his level…he has to do what….BEND down….get down to his level…and touch him. Be Healed he says…and IMMEDIATELY…the leprosy left him. Healed. not just physically but free emotionally and spiritually. this man can walk through the streets, healed, this man can take a bath and not hurt. This story is just a mere glimpse of one of the many miracles Jesus did when he was alive…But tonight I want to challenge you once again, many of us have said the prayer of salvation and now we are saved…but in these next few minutes…I want to challenge you to talk to the Jesus that I described to you tonight..the one that touches unclean diseases and heals them. Jesus is here, perhaps not in the physical way that I am, but he is here. So with all the respect, we can at the altars tonight…what would you say to Jesus? Perhaps you want to do this alone, maybe you’d like to pray with someone? This is not a time of playing or laughing if someone begins to cry, because we all know I’m a cryer, that is Jesus doing a work inside of us. Come on down tonight…and I want YOU to talk to Jesus, perhaps you want to talk to Jesus in the form of writing. If you are not praying I want to see you writing…Jesus is here…what do you want to say to him?


We Did This Make-up And Added Scars:


  1. I’m a bit of a zombie freak, and I always have been, so you can imagine my pleasure and excitement to come across this blog post! I know that my kids will absolutely love the zombie lessons—mainly because they, themselves, are zombie freaks just like me. Thank you so much for coming up with this creative lesson!

  2. I linked this lesson on my blog for an Evernote tutorial. Love your ideas.

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