Water Baptism…A Win for the Church

Water Baptism…A Win for the Church

Nov 10, 2011

Since the addition of bus ministry we have been doing a lot of recruiting lately.  Because of bus ministry we have started several new ministries.  One of those ministry, we started because of bus ministry is Fuel.  It’s our 4th, 5th, & 6th grade service on Wednesday nights.  We added this in addition to Rangers & MPact Girls Club.  Because we’ve had so many brand new kids attending our church, we have also had lots of new salvation’s.  This week we talked about Water Baptism in a large group and small group settings of Fuel.  In the large group we had our sermon time, we preached on the idea that water baptism is like putting on a sports jersey.

So this is how the sermon goes:  we talked about kids being on a sports team, we explained that when you sign up and fill out all the paperwork and show up for practice; you are on the team.  In the same way when you ask Jesus into your heart you are on God’s team.  Now on a sports team once you join that team there is a way to identify as one of the players of that team; it’s the jersey.  The jersey lets everyone know who’s team you play for.  Once you ask Jesus in your heart you are saved, you want to let everyone know you are a Christian.  That’s when Water Baptism comes in.  Water Baptism is you going public that you are on God’s team.  Also, like sports there is an audience to cheer for you.  So after you get baptized your church family is going to go wild and cheer for you.  I also shared my personal testimony and we shared the fact that we don’t want to be private Christians; we want everyone to know what Jesus has done for us.

We normally do the sermon towards the end of the service but this time we did it immediately following a few praise and worship songs.  This way the students would have time to sign up for water baptism and to record a short testimony video.  The videos will be played next Wednesday during their water baptism service.  So here is where the win comes from the church, we will be doing this Wednesday night in the main sanctuary and we have invited the entire church.  This gives our church the chance to celebrate with us and the kids of Fuel.  What I’m finding is as we share the testimony’s of what God is doing in Fuel, Rangers, MPact Girls Club, and the Bus Ministry we are finding more and more people who are volunteering to help us run the many aspects of these Wednesday night ministries.

Below are invites for the students to pass out to their family and friends and the small group study guide:


Small Group BAPTISM

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