Yancy releases Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams!

Yancy releases Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams!

Nov 1, 2010

Sometimes it can be tough to find music that kids and parents both will enjoy.

In Stars, Guitars, and Megaphone Dreams you can find just that type of music to deliver to the families you know. Tuesday Nov 2 is the official launch date for SG&MD…let everybody know! BIG HINT: jump on over to www.yancynotnancy.com and order your copy now. There’s also a link on the splash page where you can receive a free download of the single “Make it Loud” instantly.

As a Kid’s Pastor one of my favorite memories was driving back to the church from Superstart with a people mover filled with singing 4th and 5th graders. Yancy puts on an amazing concert and the kids loved her so much they begged me to play Yancy’s Rock-N-Happy Heart DVD in the people mover. They sang the entire way home form Tulsa, two hour of the same DVD. The best part is that her music it really enjoyable and fun.

So I excited about Yancy’s new project Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams. Yancy is back with her followup to “Rock-N-Happy Heart with a mixture of songs that’s filled with praise, worship, surrender and fun.This is positive and fun, pop music that even parents will enjoy. Personally my favorite song is “Sincerely, Completely Yours”.

You can tweet for a free download from the record. Just click this link: http://www.skorconnect.com/yancy/connect.php
You can listen to the CD completely online at http://yancynotnancy.com/music/

As Children’s Ministry leaders we are always looking for great music for our ministry environments, Yancy’s music is a perfect place to start. Check out her Website or buy the album.

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