Seeds Conference (Wed. Night)

Seeds Conference (Wed. Night)

Mar 3, 2011

What an incredible start to this conference! The worship was amazing and the media was so creative.


Ed Young tore it up!

Here’s some of the notes I took tonight:

1) You Be You!

You are creative because God created you. You can’t be someone your not.

2) Work for the weekend

Everything should add up to the weekend. Most people show up on the weekend, and you can connect with them there.

3) Have a seat at the table

At the head of the table should be the “dude with the food” (the pastor). The next seat should be the lost. In a healthy church this should represent 1/3 of the crowd. The third seat is baby Christians. Fourth seat should be mature followers of Christ.

4) Sign up for group therapy

Creative in a group setting is best.

5) Get your ask in gear

Ask questions. Investigate! Delegation without investigation is an abomination. Ask the questions “what if” and “what is”.

What ifs are about future dreams and what is questions are about current reality!

6) Hire a “YES” man

The term Yesman is not a bad term. “Y” stands for yielded to God. “E” stands for encouraging. “S” stands for strong. We need a creative team around us who have got our backs and are more than just fans.

7) Get on the stairmaster.

Everytime you ask the right people the right questions to get the right answers, you will ask a lot of the wrong people, too. So you are always climbing. You are always moving.

8.) – Become a creative criminal.

Steal ideas. God gave you eyes; plagiarize.

9) Surf the wave.

Harness your creative ideas by building in rest periods during the day. Rest is also key for the creative.

10) Go through labor and delivery.

you will lose your creativity if your not willing to work for it.

11) Join the comedy club.

Most of our creative ideas come out of laughter. And if laughter doesn’t work we cause conflict

This was an amazing message! For better notes on Ed’s Sermon check out Kent Shaffer’s post

Really enjoyed meeting Blake Vasek and Rich Selleck and hanging out with Stephen Posey. Great Night!!!!

Looking forward to hanging out and networking with Kid’s Pastor from around the country! Let me know on Twitter (@kidzpastor), Facebook (Terry Cuthbertson), or on my blog if you want to meet up!

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