Why is our top priorities are safety and security

Why is our top priorities are safety and security

Oct 18, 2010

As a child, church was always my favorite place to go to through out the week. As a child secretly suffering abuse at the hands of my stepfather, I longed and couldn’t wait to go to church on Sundays and Wednesdays; to me church felt safe and welcoming. No one there ever knew what I was going though, but they were always kind and loving to me. One of the reasons I’m in ministry is today is because of the fond memories I have at Tuttle First Assembly.

Why is the safety and security of the kids Spring Creek Kids top priority?  We want to provide a safe, fun, and loving environment for our kids. An environment where kids will grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ and have an environment that parents feel secure in leaving their children in.

Another reason the safety and security of our kids is a top priority is that we today, unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world. I found this videos on Dale Hudson’s Blog “Relevant Children’s Ministry”

We must go above and beyond to keep the children God gives to our ministries safe. As I watch the news the one thing I notice that people always say about their neighbor that commited this awful crime. “He/She was always so nice, I never though they were capable of this!”
Check out these resources for Children and Youth safety from GuideOne Insurance company.

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