RE:NEW The Children’s Ministry Gathering RECAP #1

RE:NEW The Children’s Ministry Gathering RECAP #1

Oct 4, 2011

This Years RE:NEW was a huge success and a lot of fun. The Sean Gallagher Band rocked. They did an amazing job leading us in worship. The Sean Gallagher Band also preformed new original song from their album Simple Words. Below is a clip of the SGBand:

   Check The Sean Gallagher Band Out @:


We had incredible main session and Skype session speakers. None of our speakers were like this guy.

Delbert was just excited about RE:NEW Swap Meet.


This Week I will be videos, note and reviews of the 2011 RE:NEW The Children’s Ministry Gathering. This includes stuff Justyn Smith, Jaime Doyle, Joe McAlpine, And Dean Guthrie. So be watching all week long!!!

RE:NEW Recap:

Jamie Doyle @ RE:NEW 2011

Dave May At RE:NEW

Lisa Grace Shares Her Notes From RE:NEW

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