Personalized Birthday Card

Personalized Birthday Card

Jan 5, 2011

Here is a copy of the birthday cards we are using at Spring Creek Kids this year.
I decided to go with this type of birthday card because I love using personalized cards.  Sending the children personalized cards are great because kids love getting stuff in the mail. Not only are they getting mail but their getting a goofy picture of my wife and I plus a coupon for a treat the next time they come to church. It feels personal and the kids are always thankful. A great tip I learned from the Kidologist, Karl Bastian, is to use fat tipped markers when writing on postcards because it helps make the postcard looked filled up.

Below is a template that you can use to make your own personalized birthday card. The middle square is transparent so you can place any goofy picture you want behind it. It’s a png. file so you will need to save it first.

Here is one with the coupon.


  1. Hey! If you happen to know anyone using Lifeway’s Big Apple Adventure material for VBS this summer, us church planters in NYC would be grateful if you passed this video along.


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