OCM Children’s Workers Conference (Friday Night)

OCM Children’s Workers Conference (Friday Night)

Jan 28, 2013

Brian Dollar – I Blew It!!!

The OCM children’s workers conference started out with an incredible time of worship. Brian Dollar was the key speaker for Friday night and shared with us past mistakes he has made in Kids Ministry. While most of his past mistakes made the crowd laugh, the biggest mistake that he shared with us is something everyone in ministry whether volunteer or full-time can relate; that’s the mistake of allowing are calling from God to take the place over our relationship with God.
Success in ministry isn’t a bad thing but if success in ministry gets in the way of you having a relationship with God, then you are headed towards burnout. When we pursue the calling of God more than a relationship with God it hurts relationships around us including our family, coworkers, and friends. Our relationship with God must be top priority for the calling of God to be successful, fulfilling, and life-giving.


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Check out his new book  “I Blew It!”, a Kidmin Leadership book that helps others avoid the biggest mistakes in Kids Ministry.


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