Lisa Grace Shares Her Notes From RE:NEW

Lisa Grace Shares Her Notes From RE:NEW

Oct 6, 2011

Congratulations Lisa! You won free registration for your whole team to next years RE:NEW The Children’s Ministry Gathering.

Lisa Grace shared with Creative Kids Pastor her notes from RE:NEW The Children’s Ministry Gathering 2011. Lisa and her family have been involved in Kid’s Ministry for about 25 years.  She is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God and  has done both part time and full time ministry. Currently, Lisa is serving as a part time children’s pastor at Eastpointe Community Church in Oklahoma City.

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Disney Magic. Great ideas for leading

Justyn Smith

D details and excellence. Keeping things picked up and organized. God is into details and appreciates us noticing the fine details. People appreciate the small details. People talk when things are wrong.

I innovation and creative. Copy what is good and affective. Doing something new and fresh.

S story. Ability to tell a story through the atmosphere. Engage from the time they enter the area. High fives. Conversation. Decor.

N Nurture. Training. Stand behind and encourage. Help to reach their goals. Resources. Pour into their lives which improves home and volunteering.

E. Extra mile. Own what they do. Member vs owner. Volunteers = owners

Y. You. Represent the ministry inside and outside the walls. People are watching.

M. moment. Take advantage of the moment. Bray party. Thank you card. Names.

A attitude. Onstage vs Off stage. give your best when you are here. Be here for the kids.

G generational. Think about the family.

I intuitive. Common sense. Pick it up and make it better.

C. Character. Be memorable. What are the kids talking about from your service.

Just make it happen.

Nurture volunteers. Mtg with core leaders monthly. They pour into the next level and so forth.

Who greets. why do they greet. how do they greet. Etc…..

Justyn Smith is a husband to one amazing wife and father to five beautiful children. They recently moved to Corona, CA after having lived in Las Vegas for four years. Justyn is the children’s pastor at South Hills Church. He has a huge heart to see this young generation grow up to be the greatest leaders and influencers in history. He consults, writes and is a frequent conference speaker. He is an advocate for the local church who believes the local church is the hope of the world. Justyn has recently been named one of “Children’s Ministry Magazine’s” Top 20 to Watch.
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Dean Guthrie

A God size dream is impossible you on your own. You will need God to accomplish this kind of dream.

When you take something ordinary and allow God to make something extraordinary out of it. That is a God dream.

Abraham. God said Go, start walking and he went. After he stepped out of his comfort zone God began to reveal the plan.

Joseph. God puts the dreams into our hearts.   Had he not shared his dreams the blessings would not have happened for him. Stay true to the dreams God places in our hearts.

Sometimes God allows us to fail in our own strength, so that we turn to him to see it succeed. Ex. Moses killed the guard and had to hide out for many years.

A great book about dreams Good to Great in God’s Eyes: 10 Practices Great Christians Have in Common

How to accomplish a dream:
-Dream a dream.
-Form a team.
-One page of paper.

Process of a dream
Write it down, make a list of the steps
Read them regularly
Pray over it
Sit back and watch God’s intervention

Don’t let your dream get so big it over shadows gods dream.


Dean Guthrie is the Children’s Ministries Director of The Oklahoma District Council of the Assemblies of God. Dean has 15 years of experience in Children’s Ministries, He is also a sought after speaker for church camps, children’s crusades, school rally’s, and leadership conferences. Dean believe in the importance of ministry to children. Kids, especially in today’s society, must be equipped to face the challenges of living their Christian faith in a culture that openly opposes Godly beliefs. It is Dean’s desire to partner with children’s pastors and workers all over the state to train, equip, and serve them as they minister to the children of Oklahoma. Whether it is through BGMC, JBQ, Royal Rangers, or Girls Ministries. Dean is married to Joy and has two kids, DJ and Tori.                                                                   Facebook: Dean Guthrie           Twitter:


One thing you can do in your ministry that no one else can do.

Jami Doyle

Give people a life changing event with Christ. Others can hold events.  What are we doing that others cannot do. Getting children to respond to the gospel.

The wow moments is when you can sense or see the kids connecting with what you are saying or doing.

Kids will not wait to go home to make their decision, do it now during the wow moment.

You need to be prayed up
Prepare. Know what you are talking about.
Be ready to take advantage of the wow moment.   Don’t pass up a chance to lead a child to Christ.


Jamie Doyle resides with his family in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he serves

as the children’s pastor at Radiant Church. Additionally, he speaks as a guest at children’s ministry events and churches. You can find Jamie at his website:

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Q&A Jim and Julie Wideman @ Renew

Jim and Julie Wideman

A 40 hour work week is not biblical. It’s not the example Christ led.

Your attitude determines your altitude.   Attitude about the church at home will affect your family.

It’s better to be anointed than cool.

You are paid for the amount of stress that you can handle.

Ministry is a marathon not a sprint.

Value what they are doing. Don’t make changes to fast.

Church is to reenforce the home.

Evangelism   :  a man and a woman marry and have children allowing their children to see them in the word while teaching the word. Now we are going backwards by trying to teach in the church rather than reenforce.


Jim and Julie, his wife of 32 years, have two grown daughters and the cutest grandson in the world.

Jim Wideman is considered an innovator, pioneer and one of the fathers of children’s ministry. Having served in 5 dynamic churches over the past 35 years, Jim understands what it takes to grow exciting, relevant ministries to people of all ages.

For 17 years Jim led one of America’s largest local church children’s ministries in Tulsa, OK. Jim currently serves as Associate Pastor of Next Generation at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, TN where he oversees all of the ministries for children, students and families. Jim is an internationally recognized voice in Children’s and Family Ministry. He is a much sought after speaker, teacher, author, personal leadership coach, and ministry consultant. Children’s Ministry Magazine honored him in 2001 as one of ten “Pioneers Of the Decade” in children’s ministry and again in 2010 as one of the “Twenty Top Influencers in Children’s Ministry” over the past 20 years.

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Thanks Again to Lisa Grace for sharing her notes with Creative Kids Pastor her notes from RE:NEW The Children’s Ministry Gathering 2011.

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Lisa Grace Shares Her Notes From RE:NEW

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