Lessons from Marathon Training – Part III

Lessons from Marathon Training – Part III

Nov 29, 2010

Part III – Run Your Pace

Another important lesson to running a marathon is knowing your pace.  Understanding that you have 26 miles to run, if you run too hard at the beginning you may not have enough strength or energy to finish.  If you run too slow, you may go over your 6 hour time period and be disqualified.  This is why knowing your pace is so, so important.  I am a slow runner right now and often get frustrated as people pass me; especially when they are in their seventies.  There are times that I let those who run ahead of me, get to me and I then change my pace.  This is a concept that also can be looked at in leadership.  God has set before you a race to run and yet the word race can be very deceiving.  Who are we running against?  Are there other people we are trying to beat; maybe leaders or staff members?  It’s easy to look at someone else’s ministry and see how God is blessing them and think to yourself “man that should be me”.  But thinking like this, is to say that a person shouldn’t be blessed because you are being blessed and takes you off the pace you have been set to run.  Tracy Morgan said on Jimmy Falon live the other day, that after his first success in comedy he was ready for his HBO special; but without the 18 years of experience that he now has it would have only been a 5 minute special.  Many of the greatest leaders in the Bible have what I like to call, a behind the mountain period of their life.  These are moments when God is training you to run the pace to win the race that he has set before you.  Moses was kicked out of Egypt and herded sheep behind a mountain.  David was sent out into the fields and was forgotten about by his father, and even after his success with slaying a giant, he found himself hiding in caves.  Part of leadership is understanding that God has a plan for your life; be okay with at which the pace at which you run the race that God has given you.  If you try to out run your pace to be like other leaders or to meet some goal that you have set in your mind; you will only find yourself exhausted.

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