Lessons from Marathon Training – Part II

Lessons from Marathon Training – Part II

Nov 22, 2010

Part II – Avoid the Ducks

Because I am a slow runner, I have a lot of time to think.  The other day while running through Hafer Park, I ran by the duck pond and saw a sign that took me down memory lane.  As a freshman in high school, me and my friends had no ride to lunch but didn’t want to stay on campus so we often walked down to the local park after buying food from the local gas station.  During one of these excursions we thought it might be fun to take what was left of our bread from our sandwiches and feed the ducks.  All the ducks came running towards us as we started throwing the bread out except for one duck.  One of the girls who was with us felt sorry for this duck, it looked so innocent, cute, and hungry.  So she decided to hand deliver a piece of bread to the duck that hadn’t come to get his bread.  What Becka didn’t know was that this duck was protecting her nest and did not want visitors.  The deck started to make weird noises as she began to get closer and then began flapping its wings.  Becka being determined to give the poor, innocent, hungry duck continue to go towards the duck.  Now the duck begin began making crazy noises and charging at her, to which she started backing up away from the duck as quickly as possible while yelling “Bad Duck, Bad Duck” to the top of her lungs.  The duck at which point caught up with her and bit her on the knee.  From this day forward, Becka hated ducks.  As leaders I think there are times in our lives that we allow ducks to be around us; these are little bad habits that in small amounts almost seem harmless.  Little bad habits like Christian cussing, I’m not talking about the “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” but I am talking about language that you would hate a kid in your ministry to go back and repeat to his parents.  These words are intended to make us sound edgy, but often take the place of good vocabulary skills.  Other bad habits that we may have in our lives are:  little lies, complaining about your position in life, etc.  I am not trying to point fingers, I just know that these little ducks while they may look innocent and cute can when you least expect it can jump up and bite you.

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