John Lindell Teaches About The Sustainability Of Our Pace @ DMR 2011

John Lindell Teaches About The Sustainability Of Our Pace @ DMR 2011

Sep 26, 2011

This years guest speaker at the Oklahoma A/G District Minister’s Retreat was John Lindell. Pastor Lindell is lead pastor at James River Assembly Of God, a church that has experienced great grow and health. Pastor John shared about rest and leadership. Here are my note from session 2: “Assess the sustainability of our pace”

Assess the sustainability of our pace

1. Have I made a schedule? Am I sticking to it? Is it workable?
Write out what you need to do…calendar it. Will it fit?
2. Have I created margins for the extras in life?
3. If I add an ongoing commitment, have I subtracted  a commitment of equal time consumption?
4. Am I regularly taking one day off in seven?
5. Have I considered that different seasons of life require different schedules?
Carve out time to rest and and recover. It is impossible to rebound from burnout without rest.  We need an exercise regimen. Exercise increases overall health and well-being and has some direct stress-busting benefits.
You need all of your vacation time….
1. Exercise pumps up your endorphins.
2. Exercise helps shed tension and create energy and optimism.
3. Exercise lowers symptoms of depression.
Consider the rhythms of your life.
To consider The rhythms of our life, we need to go back in our mind and with our calendar and ask ourselves: “how did I get in this mess?”
Build your life and ministry on your strength – everyone has gifts.
1 Corinthians 12:4-6
Romans 12:6
1 Timothy 4:14a
Too many people spend their time trying to working their areas of weakness and, as a result,  their strengths are neglected.
What r your strengths?
What r your weaknesses?
When a person functions in their areas of weakness, time is lost and energy is depleted.
Learn the art of delegation.
1. Decide what needs to be done.
2. Find people who are gifted at doing what needs to be done.
3. Help them develop their gift.
4. Maintain accountability by checking on their work.
Define what is the most effective use of your time.
1. What are the things that have the greatest effect on the ministry I am leading?
2. What are the things that only I can do?
Some of the things that need to be done can only be done by you!
Determine if your personal expectations and ministry paradigm are reasonable for the ministry you are leading.
Sometimes we have personal expectations or ministry paradigms that are not reasonable.
1. We saw or heard of someone else who did certain things and we adopt those into our life.
2. We fail to take into account the different seasons of life.
3. We have embraced other people’s expectations for us.
4. We have not restructured our expectations in consideration of increased responsibilities or growth of the ministry.
John and Debbie Lindell live life full-on with a passionate love for God and a desire to see His purpose unleashed in the lives of people. For the past 17 years they have served together as Lead Pastors of James River Assembly, a dynamic and life-filled church in Ozark, MO that has grown to over 12,000 people in weekly attendance. More than anything, John and Debbie love to see the church flourish and lives transformed by the power of God! They have 2 married sons, David and Brandon, and a daughter, Savannah, who attends Evangel University.
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