God’s Kids Worship Review and Easter Egg Hunt

God’s Kids Worship Review and Easter Egg Hunt

Feb 3, 2011

God’s Kids Worship Review and Easter Egg Hunt

I’m a big fan of God’s Kids Worship! We have used lots of their songs in Spring Creek Kids worship. They have so many great features with each DVD, cool motions, split tracks, and bonuses like countdowns.

God’s Kids Worship is launching a new collection for Easter called “A BIG Basket of Easter Songs”. This collection has 15 energized hymns & modern worship songs with an Easter theme. Each song has split tracks, vivid motions, and large lyrics so they can be seen on any screen not matter the size. This DVD comes with computer files for PC & Mac video files, lyrics, lead sheet music, audio files and a 30 copy license to make rehearsal CDs & mp3’s.

I’m really happy with this collection, and we will be using this for our Easter Series. Also we have used some of the slower songs for our alter time!  You can hear samples of all the songs here at this link .

Since this is an Easter collection, I thought it would be fun to have an early Easter Egg Hunt.  I have hidden somewhere in one of my blog post an Egg that looks just like this one.

Prize Egg

Search the blog to find this in another post

Be the first to find that post and leave a comment stating that you found the Egg and I will send you a copy of “A BIG Basket of Easter Songs”.  Happy Hunting!

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