Fire Hydrants Color-Coding

Fire Hydrants Color-Coding

Oct 2, 2008

So I notice that fire hydrants in my neighborhood were getting their tops painted different colors. Out of curiosity, I decided to a little research into the color-coding of these fire hydrants. Here is what I found:

Top Colors Coding

NFPA 291

BLUE 1500 GPM or more Very good flows
GREEN 1000-1499 GPM Good for residential areas
ORANGE 500-999 GPM Marginally adequate
RED Below 500 GPM Inadequate

So basically if the fire hydrant on your block has a red top, buy more water hoses.

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  1. Brian C. /

    Red hydrants are the reason for the FD’s having tender pumpers to shuttle water. In the rural areas there are no hydrants. Don’t buy water hoses we’ll be there! Your rural VFD’s

  2. Brian you the man!

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